Click-to-Call Dashboard and Settings

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Once you’ve successfully Set up the Setup Wizard, you’ll be sent to the dashboard. There are six areas in the application:

Click-to-Call Dashboard
  1. Registered Phone – The phone number your dialer will call when a customer clicks the icon
  2. Dialer Style – What the icon will look like when available, dialing, hang up (connected to your phone number), and unavailable connected
  3. Current Availability – Enables or disables the dialer by setting your Availability to Available, Unavailable and Business Hours
  4. Dialer Location – Where the dialer shows up on your Store
  5. Service Usage – Showing the number of minutes and costs associated this month and last month.
  6. Call log – Information on calls made using the dialer

The Dialer Style, Service Usage and Call Log are for informational purposes. Information on editing your Registered Phone, Current Availability and Dialer Location follow below.

Editing your Registered Phone

Your registered phone initially is the phone number you verified in the setup wizard. If you decide to change this phone number, click the “Edit” button beside the current registered phone number.

A new screen will slide in and ask you if you’d like to delete the verified phone number. Note, that if you delete this number, you will no longer receive phone calls on your Store.

Delete existing verified phone number

Next, you’ll be asked to add and verify a phone number. Follow the same instructions as the setup wizard.

Verify a phone number again

Note: If you navigate away without completing this step, the next time you open Click-to-Call, it will revert to the Setup wizard.

Editing your Current Availability

Your availability determines if the dialer icon is enabled and ready to take phone calls from your Store. You can manually set your Availability to Available or Unavailable and it will enable or disable the dialer icon.

Setting your availability

If you select Shop Hours, the dialer icon will be enabled or disabled depending on your hours of operation. Click off the days and hours you want the dialer icon to be enabled for, and ensure you select the proper time zone for this feature to work properly

Setting availability using Shop Hours

Editing your Dialer Location

This setting will allow you to configure where the dialer icon will show up on your Store. The options are Disabled, Store Pages, order Status, or Every Page.

  • Disabled – Do not show the dialer icon. Customers will not be able to call you and will not be shown
  • Store pages – Only show dialer icon on Store front (not on order status pages)
  • Order Status – Only show dialer icon on the Order Status page
  • Every Page – Show the dialer icon on every page

Click Save and you’re done.

Dialer icon location options

That’s it for configuration of Click-to-Call! If you have any additional questions or issues, please reach out to